We all love our pets, but sometimes we’re not always very happy with what they can do to our homes. Shedding, scratching, and trailing dirt are just some of the not so fun dilemmas pet owners have to deal with. So, can pets and hardwood floors live happily together?

dog welcome home

It’s no secret that over time, all hardwood will scratch; it’s just all about how much it shows. There is more of a concern with dogs, especially ones who are active. Here are different hardwoods that can last longer and take on a lot more hardship.

Avoid soft wood

This includes pine, American cherry, and American walnut. They are softer and are easier to dent. Though they look great, they just are not practical for pet owners. Hickory and Oak are just two examples of harder woods that would be better for pet owners.

Wood with stronger grain

Woods that have stronger graining are a lot easier at hiding scratches than minimal graining. Red oak is an example, not only being a stronger wood but also hiding scratches with its strong grains.

Distressed and handscraped wood

This look may not be for everyone, but it can be really good for pets. It is less likely to show the scratches your pets may make because that is how the wood is designed. Also, hardwood that has more knots or character marks can also aid in hiding scratches.

Choose a less glossy finish

Satin finishes are best for homeowners with pets. With a glossier finish, it will show scratches a lot easier due to the light reflecting off it (this is true with or without pets!).

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