If you’re interested in refurbishing your home, don’t think that simply refinishing your floor is the easiest and more affordable way to go. Many homeowners believe that a simple refinishing is all that is necessary to bring back the shine of an older floor. Sometimes, a full replacement of your floors is the best bet. Knowing which step to take for your floors is important so you don’t end up paying way more than necessary.

Using tool to install hardwood floor pieces.

Refinishing Floors

This affordable alternative can bring life and color to your floors, but it is a longer process than installing new floors. In order to refinish floors, they need to be stripped and sanded, and stains need time to settle before furniture can be put back in. Even though it is cheaper than new installation, the amount of time it takes to refinish floors can lead to problems for time sensitive projects.

Installing New Hardwood

This step is especially favored by homeowners looking to redo their older wood floors that have been refinished numerous times, and may even be a better choice than just refinishing floors. It allows the homeowner to have more design freedom, and brings in a new look. Although it takes less time than refinishing, installation is more expensive, and not ideal for homeowners who are on a budget.


So which is best? It depends on the circumstances and the condition of your floor. Contact the hardwood flooring experts at Signature Hardwood Floors for any questions, and a FREE ESTIMATE. You can call us at 410.415.0755 or click here today! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn!