Many times when people think of flooring in their kitchen, they picture tile due to its resistance to spills and simple cleaning. Although, what homeowners may not know is that the right hardwood flooring in your kitchen can be just as durable, and even longer lasting. Also, hardwood floor has the advantage of being a flooring choice that can help blend your kitchen with the rest of your home.



Hardwood flooring can create continuity from room to room in a home. Unlike tile, which is found in many kitchens, hardwood is less likely to change in trends, so what you choose today will still look stylish in the future. You will also be able to refinish the floors instead of removing and replacing tile, which is messier and more expensive.


The low density of wood means that it has a level of give that tile or stone cannot have. Those who spend a lot of time on their feet in the kitchen will benefit greatly from hardwood.


Some homeowners are skeptical about damage that can be caused to hardwood floors. In the end, any flooring is susceptible to damage, even tile. The major defense against water damage and dents on hardwood floors is the finish. Also, mats are a must where water is more likely to drop onto the floor, such as under the sink or dishwasher. In addition, since the kitchen is a high traffic area, it is a good idea to choose a wood that is harder, such as Oak or Ash.


While it may seem like a huge chore, cleaning your hardwood floors with a dust mop or vacuum a couple times a week as well as occasional cleaning with hardwood floor cleaner is all you really need. Cleaning up spills on your floor right away is also important, as well as protecting high traffic areas with mats.


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