Rugs are hardwood floor’s best friend. If you are thinking about getting an area rug for your home, then you will need a suitable rug pad as well. Unfortunately, it can be difficult finding a rug pad that is compatible with your hardwood floors, and we’re here to help!


Why would I need a rug pad?

Rug pads are a definite must-have. This is primarily for the safety of the members of your home. If you don’t have a rug pad under your rug, then it is easy to slip and slide, and cause accidents.

Rug pads are also necessary to protect floors. Many area rugs have harsh, rough backsides. Because of this, rug pads aid in protecting your floors from any scratches or staining.

Here’s what to keep in mind

A rug pad going on top of hardwood floors should not have any type of glue, chemical, adhesives, etc. This can lead to staining and damage of your floors. Also, the heavier your rug pad, the more protection you will have against dents or scratches.


Natural rubber is a good choice for smaller rugs in your home. This will be sure to offer grip and stability. Natural felt is perfect if you seek a more thicker rug pad. It is also perfect for bigger rugs, and make sure it is 100% natural felt. There is also combination of rubber and felt, which is a good choice for a combination of stability and sturdiness.

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