Are you looking to modernize your space? Engineered wood flooring on walls is the perfect way to give any room a unique touch. This could create a slight hipster look, or bring in a more traditional feel with the right materials.


High Technology and Low Impact

In order to maximize the use of natural resources, this accent wall uses a real top layer for the boards, but the core layer is similar to a laminate floorboard. The boards can be developed from hardwoods like maple, birch or oak. Though these wall options are made from different types of species, all of the engineered wood planks allow for grain patterns to really be showcased. This creates a great visual appeal on the wall.

Installing Them Quickly and Easily

Though it may look like a hassle to put up, engineered planks on walls are actually easier to install than it looks. Because engineered hardwood flooring is innovative, the planks can be installed on any walls. Also, with these engineered flooring planks on your walls, you wont have to worry about moisture levels and temperatures in your home.


The Effect is Lavish

Engineered floors allow you to open up your design options and release your creativity. Wood walls allow for a more stylish look that will make your living space feel luxurious. You can have a more contemporary style with a rustic finish, or keep the clean lines of natural engineered oak to have a more traditional look. You can also try light wood floors in rooms that usually don’t have a lot of sunlight, or dark wood floors for a more dramatic look. No matter how you choose to use it, you will have a new pattern in your home that will easily blend into the background.


Comfort is essential for anyone coming home from a long day, or hanging out with family and friends. Engineered wood floor on your walls will easily give a long-lasting comfort and cozy feeling to your home.


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