Subfloor may not be in your mind often, since it is under your visible wood floor. When something seems off about your wood floors, though, it might not be the floor itself, but the subfloor. This isn’t very common, but if it does happen it can be a huge problem. The subfloor supports both the wood floor above it, but also everything in the room (including yourself). If there is an issue with your subfloor, it’s important to have the problem addressed ASAP.


What is a subfloor?

The subfloor is a support system for the floor and weight of the room itself. It has important things like electrical wiring and plumping components, which is critical to the function of a home. It is made of layers of plywood and particleboard, but can also contain foam or other insulators. Like any woof, plywood and particleboard can be damaged by moisture exposure, which could lead to structural problems and rotting.

Signs of Damage

Spongy or springy feeling when you walk on the floor

Does your floor seem to spring up when you walk on it?

Squeaking when you walk across the floor

If the noise has never been a problem before, it could mean there is plywood subfloor damage, and the need to be replaced.

Sagging or drooping of the floor

A sagging or drooping of the floor, but the floor looks normal. It may be best to see if the subfloor is rotting or has moisture damage.


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