When installing new hardwood floors, one of the choices you’ll need to make is whether you want your wood floor planks to come unfinished, or prefinished. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, but either one will provide you with a great looking hardwood floor.



Prefinished wood floors are floors planks that are finished by the manufacturer at the factory, and then installed at your home. This has several advantages:

  • Faster installation – Because the floors don’t need to be finished, all that’s left is to assemble them into place.
  • No fumes or mess – Finishing a floor inevitably creates a little bit of a mess, as well as fumes.
  • No wait – No waiting for the finish to dry to walk on the floor, and no waiting for it to cure, which could take several days, to move furniture into the room.
  • Warranty – Prefinished boards come with the manufacturer’s warranty against defects.
  • Perfect finish – Prefinished boards are finished under ideal conditions in the factory, which means there are little to no inconsistencies in the finish, and the finish can result in a harder more durable floor.



With all the advantages of prefinished floors, it might seem that there’s little reason to consider unfinished floors. Though they do involve more work, unfinished floors have a few advantages over prefinished floors that some homeowners may prefer.

  • More variety – Some species of wood and plank lengths only come unfinished. You can also choose the exact finish you want, which is especially helpful when trying to match new wood flooring with existing floors and décor.
  • Customization – Your contractor can do custom work on unfinished floors that wouldn’t be possible on prefinished floors.
  • No bevels – Prefinished floor boards have small beveled edges. While these do a good job at creating a uniform appearance, finishing an unfinished floor allows for the smoothest floor possible.


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