We all know the feeling of coming home from a long day at work.  This is the time you are finally able to relax and be with your family. When the colder seasons come along, you get even more excited to be comfy and cozy in your living room.


Of course, a living room may be decorated for show, so sometimes that comfortable living room is not very functional. Nonetheless, it’s important to create an environment that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining your guests. The good news: giving your room that ‘comfy’ feeling does not need to be expensive. You’ll be surprised by how much you can transform your living room without spending too much money. Here are some design tips that will help you reflect your lifestyle and personality:

Hardwood floors

Installing hardwood floors is a great way to give your home comfortable and cozy feeling. When you are choosing the perfect type of hardwood floor, you need to pick out a design and color that works with your personality and lifestyle. Make sure to take time beforehand to research your home improvement vision, so you are able to understand your project’s plan and budget.

Fill room with fresh and original items

Items that make you feel good, such as picture frames that have photos of your family, a fireplace, or artwork are all examples of objects you can consider for your living room. These personal touches give the room a whole new meaning, and will increase the visual appeal of the space.

In order to draw more attention to the items, put them where they are more likely to be seen, such as on the center of a table, or on the wall. Another way to accentuate the items is by adding a lighting fixture above them.

Make sure it’s comfortable

This can be done by the sofa, chair, or pillow choices you make. Make sure the sofa and chairs you choose are not too hard, but not too soft, and add some floor cushions so your feet are comfortable, too. Make sure everything is centered around your entertainment center so that you are comfortable while watching a movie, reading a book, or just lying down after a long day at work.
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