We all know the struggle of trying to utilize a small space. Sometimes it feels impossible, but there are many little ways to make the most out of small living spaces.


Get rid of unnecessary items

Getting rid of items that you have become comfortable with can be difficult. However, it is extremely important to declutter and get rid of items that you are not using. If you do not regularly get rid of items you don’t need or use, you will end up cluttering your home.

Hidden storage

A way you can maximize your room is by elevating your bed in order to place storage bins underneath it. This way, you’re minimizing the clutter in your room and organizing your items instead. Another way to maximize space is to put your couch against the corner of two walls. By doing this, you are able to place items behind it and it won’t be seen.

Hardwood floors

The layout of your hardwood floors is a great way to make a room appear larger. By choosing wider planks for your floors, your space will look significantly bigger, creating a more open pattern and making your room look less busy. Another way to utilize hardwood floors to maximize your space is by laying the boards parallel to the longest wall.

Pay attention to the furniture you buy

When buying furniture for a small space, you need to be realistic. Do not just buy a piece of furniture because it looks good. Of course, the appearance of furniture is important, but remember that there are ottomans out there that have secret storage areas, and many tables that have drawers where items can be stored. Make sure to pay attention to the size of the furniture as well. If it is too large, your room will look significantly smaller.
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