Homes have duct vents in the floors because heat rises, so it’s perfect to keep your house warm on a cold fall or winter day. Although this is a great source of warmth, the metal coat most vents have don’t look amazing with your hardwood floors.

Fortunately, there are many different styles and species of vent registers that can go well with your floors. The vents can either be flush mount, which sits down even on your hardwood floors, or surface mount, which can be put over the duct opening.


Flush Mount

Flush mount vents provide a nice transition when you are installing hardwood floors. There are many patterns available to be considered, and due to its unmatched sense of style, flush mount vents should always be considered when you are installing hardwood floors. It is also a great option when you have a metal vent in a high traffic area, like at the opening of a doorway, in between two rooms, or even where furniture would sit on top. Because the flush mount vent is flat to the surface, you won’t even feel it when walking or pushing furniture over it.  To figure out the size you will need, just measure the inside of the ductwork openings.

Surface Mount

Also known as drop-in vents, surface mount doesn’t require any type of cutting when installed, but simply to replace the old vents and drop it in. It is important to first find the correct wood species and stain as your hardwood floors so they match.
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