Hardwood Floor Care Tips for the Holidays


Is the family coming over to your house for the holidays this year? Did you just get new hardwood floors? Concerned about all of those feet walking all over your new floor? We’ve got the answers to your questions in this week’s blog. Learn how to protect your hardwood floors from all of those holiday guests and keep your new floor looking just like it did before the guests arrived!

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Hardwood Floor Care Tips for the Holidays

Clean Beforehand

Give your floor a nice cleaning before the guests arrive. This way not only will it look good, there will won’t be any debris on that can be ground into the floor by lots of pairs of feet.

Take Off Shoes

Ask your guests to remove their shoes when they come in. This is good for your wood floors and your carpet too. As far as taking care of your floor goes, not wearing shoes in the home is a good habit to get into, as shoes can track in debris from outside.

Mats at the Door

If you don’t want to ask your guests to remove their shoes, at least ask them to wipe them off when they enter on a mat at the door. This will help prevent them from tracking debris into your home and onto your floor.

Watch out for Spills

With so many people moving around in your house, there’s bound to be an accident or two. If someone spills something, just make sure it gets cleaned up as soon as possible. Moisture and wood aren’t a good match, even during the holidays.

Furniture Legs

Make sure the furniture on your wood floors has little rubber feet on the legs to prevent it from scratching the wood.

Enjoy the Holidays

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