Hardwood Floor-Safe Games for Winter Break

Winter is coming up, which means kids are home for winter break. With the cold weather and possible chance for snow, this may be the time to bring your family indoors. If you are looking for ideas on how to entertain your young ones this winter break, read on for a list of games that are hardwood floor-safe!



Jigsaw Puzzle

The smooth surface of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are perfect to be laid down on a hardwood floor. All you have to do is devote one area of your hardwood floor where the puzzle will stay, and anyone can come back to add on to it anytime.

Build a Fort

We know you remember building forts when you were younger, and they’re still just as fun to do! With hardwood floors, your furniture should have soft pads where the legs touch the floor. If you make sure the fort building does not involve table climbing or anything that would put a risk of furniture falling over, this should be a perfect game to do indoors. A fort highlights your children’s imagination, and encourages them to play more games inside it, like puzzles or role-playing.

Musical Cushions

Want to avoid the scraping of chairs on hardwood floors? Use cushions instead! Just set the cushions in the center and have players grab for one when the music ends.


This isn’t your regular bowling game. Instead, use plastic bottles! Just get about 10 bottles and put them in a triangle shape at the end of the hall or open space. Find a nice soft or rubber ball and go ahead and knock the water bottles over.


Dominoes can be found at the dollar store, and can be extra fun for homes with a staircase. If your children have not played with them before, start with one pack, and move their way up. This is a great example of showcasing observation and problem solving skills.


When haven’t you seen a dance floor that was made from hardwood? This floor type is perfect for dancing, so just move the tables aside, turn on some music, and get the family in some socks to dance!

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