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The Wood Floor Finish Drying Process

Friday, March 28th, 2014

You might be surprised to learn how long the finish on a hardwood floor takes to dry 100%, also known as curing. Fortunately, you can walk on and use the floor for most intents and purposes before this point. In this week’s blog, we’ll go over how the finish on your hardwood floor dries in four stages.

Set Point

This is the point where the finish will cease to flow and level. The finish might feel wet to the touch at this point, but it’s on its way to drying. But don’t walk on it just yet.

Dry to Touch

When you touch the finish at this point, it will feel dry. Now you can start to use a fan and open windows to speed things up. “Good air movement will help speed the curing process by increasing the evaporation rate of the liquid carrier as well as help with removing chemical odors.” Still, no walking.

Dry Hard

The exterior of the finish is dry and hard and can sustain light walking, or another coat of finish if desired. The finish is still curing on below the surface, however, so hold off on putting back rugs, as well as using any chemical cleaners.

Fully Cured

It can take days or even months for the finish to fully cure, depending on what kind of finish it is. Your hardwood flooring contractor will be able to give you a good estimate of when this will be. Once it’s fully cured, you can put down rugs and use hardwood floor cleaners.

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