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Dirt and its Damage to Wood Floors

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

It’s no secret that dirt and dust can make any type of surface look messy, but when it comes to wood, it can be really harmful. Read on to learn some facts about dirt’s impact on hardwood floors, and ways to prevent any harm.


What is dirt and dust even made of?

This is a complex question, as they both can be made up of a number of elements. Homes are filled with so many substances that can break down and be pushed around, turning into dirt and dust particles.

The most common sources of dirt are pets, open windows/doors, and shoes. Dirt is transferred to wood floors when it sticks to our shoes or socks, or becomes airborne. Food can also be a source of dirt, and whenever it is spilled, pieces are left behind and get broken down into particles that are then carried around the house.

Human and pet hair, as well as skin are constantly shedding, breaking down to small particles that float around the house, landing on wood floors and becoming dust.

How can this damage my wood floors?

Discoloration is a way dirt and dust can damage your floors. Traffic in a room can break down the elements that make it stick to the floor. It can then make its way into small cracks of the wood, and cause discoloration which is hard to remove without refinishing.

Dirt and dust can also cause scratches in your floors. If a food comes in contact with a particle on the floor, it can damage the wood. The scratches leave wood vulnerable to water, leading to swelling. It can also lead to discoloration.

How can I prevent this?

Reduction. If you reduce the amount that is brought into your home, you will see a lot less damage. By removing shoes before walking on the wood floors, you are preventing any elements from being tracked from the shoe to the floor. Regularly cleaning the entryways, vacuuming carpets, putting a rug by the doors, and keeping your windows/doors closed will also prevent damage.

Dirt and dust will always make its way into your home somehow, so ensuring that you are regularly cleaning around your home is the major way to prevent wood floor damage. If you spill food or water, blot it up as fast as possible before it can seep into the crevices of your wood floor.

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Five Preventative Maintenance Tips For Wood Flooring

Friday, August 29th, 2014


Just like your fence out front or your home’s HVAC system, wood flooring requires preventative maintenance in order to keep it in the best shape. Fortunately, not only is this easy to do, but it will also make your wood floor shine for many years to come. Don’t let a lack of attention get your wood floor down. Give it the preventative maintenance it wants and treat your wood floor right! Use these tips for keeping your wood floor clean, bright, and scratch free.

Five Preventative Maintenance Tips for Wood Flooring

Keep it Dry

Wood floors do not like water. Even a little water left on the floor can cause the finish to dull and can the wood to warp. Even if the water isn’t on the floor, it can do damage. High humidity can cause wood floors to buckle and warp as they absorb water from the air. Keep your wood floors dry by cleaning up spills immediately and using rugs in front of sinks or dishwashers. During times of high humidity, run the air conditioner or use a dehumidifier to remove excess water from the air.

Clean Carefully

There are lots of products out there that advertise themselves as being safe for wood flooring, when in reality they’re not. For example, steam mops, which we wrote about last week, claim to be safe for wood floors, but can actually strip the finish and leave streak marks. Before buying a wood floor cleaning product, do your research online to learn how other product users experiences have turned out.

Clean Regularly

Letting dust and debris build up on a wood floor is a recipe for scratching. Plus, it just looks bad. Clean wood floors once a week with a dry dust cloth to keep it looking good.

Use Rugs

Rugs are a great way to protect your wood floor. Place rugs at door entrances to trap debris from outside that could scratch the floor. You might also encourage guests to take off their shoes so they don’t track in dirt. Rugs are also great to put under furniture so the legs don’t scratch the floor. If you don’t want to cover up your floor with rugs, use furniture feet to cover the legs and prevent scratching.

Watch out for Pets

If you have pets, their sharp nails can easily scratch a wood floor. Keep their nails trimmed to prevent this from happening, or use a barrier so pets can’t go in rooms with a wood floor.

wood floor preventative maintenance

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