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Living Room Design Inspiration and Tips

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

When designing your living room, you should focus on creating a space that is meaningful and unique to you and your family. It’s important to first consider some factors to visualize a living room that is personal and yours. This includes figuring out if there is a focal point in the room, the intended use of the room, what your color scheme is, and what your style is. Once those questions are answered, you can make your vision a reality.

Flooring and walls to frame the room

A fun idea is to paint three of the walls one color, and the last wall as an accent wall. The same can be applied to your floors. Hardwood floors come in many stains and designs such as parquet and medallions that can be a focal point. Also depending on the stain and placement, it can help the room seem larger.

Try and make use of natural light

If you are aiming to make your room look bigger, light colors will help reflect any natural light. The use of satin paint instead of matte will also help reflect light in the room. You can also include mirrors, metals, and wood floors to reflect the light.

Pick out the color scheme

This can be done from items you have already used. For example, if you chose your focal point as a piece of art on your wall, you can incorporate some of the colors used in that painting throughout the room.

Place your furniture strategically

This is all decided based on the shape and size of the room, the focal point, and lighting. Try to make 3-foot paths between the furniture so it’s easy to maneuver. Also, do not block any areas that have a lot of traffic, like in a doorway.

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How To Care For Your Christmas Tree And Hardwood Flooring

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Are you worried about your hardwood flooring as you deck the halls and drag your Christmas tree across your hardwood living room floor?  If yes, we are here to help give you a few tips on how to protect your hardwood flooring this holiday season. Read below to find out how.


Protect your floors where your Christmas tree is placed:


Right under you Christmas tree place a plastic sheet beneath the base. You do not want your floor suffering from water damage, if any spillage happens when watering your Christmas tree.


Keep Your Pet Away from the tree.


Your pet, just like children, will be curious of seeing a tree in the house. Your pet might think it is potty time. He or she just might pee on your hardwood floor. Not only will there be urine damage but an unpleasant smell. Be careful.


Kick off the shoes at the front door.


During the holiday season, you may have many guests come in and out of your home. If you are not careful, your guests could bring in moisture from the outdoors on their winter boots. You will need to dry mop spills or liquid moisture as soon as possible. To save your hardwood floor, recommend to your guests to take off their shoes at the front door. Tell them your home is meant for them to be comfortable and relaxed. It works like a charm.


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