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Top Cleaning Tips for your Hardwood Floor

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Hardwood Floor Maintenance After spending the time and money to install a new hardwood floor, you want your finished product to last you a long time. Daily maintenance of your hardwood floor will ensure its longevity, however most schedules won’t permit owners to clean and maintain their floors like they should. So when time finally allows you to give your hardwood floor the cleaning it deserves, keep these things in mind:

  1. Use products that work best on your type of hardwood floor. Determine which type of sealant was used for your floor; surface-sealed (poly-acrylic, polyurethane, urethane) or unfinished which include penetrating seals, shellac, oil seals, and varnish. Based on the type of floor you have will determine the products you use. Read labels to ensure the product will not damage your floor.
  2. Stay away from products that, though cheaper, will harm your hardwood floor. Products like beach, abrasive chemicals, oil-based soaps, and acidic products can cause scratches to your floor while leaving it slippery and dull in appearance.
  3. Never use water on a surface-sealed hardwood floor, it will cause damage. If your floor is able to be mopped, avoid over-wetting your mop head. Only use a mop head that is damp, clean, and soft. Make sure to mop with the grain of your hardwood floor, this will prevent snags.
  4. If you choose to vacuum your hardwood floor, use one that has a felt head or brush. This will prevent dents and marks. Be aware of the wheels on your vacuum to ensure they don’t make marks as you move.

Knowing quick techniques to take care of accidental spills and spots will also come in handy when cleaning your hardwood floors. Use a bag of ice to clean chewing gum or candle wax from your floor; wait for the substance to become brittle so you can clean it up easily. Baking soda with a damp sponge will help remove scuff marks. If something greasy should fall on your floor, use a commercial cleaner on surface-sealed flooring or clean with a damp sponge and wax for other flooring.  Adding rugs and floor mats throughout your rooms with hardwood flooring will help to catch dirt and dust in high traffic areas in your home. Avoid rubber backed mats when choosing mats for your home; these can trap water and cause damage to your hardwood floors.

When professional help is needed to clean and maintain your hardwood floor, call Signature Hardwood Floors. After we have installed your new hardwood floors, let us assist you in keeping your floors in top shape.  Call us at (410)-415-0755 or fill out our online form today. Follow us today on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.