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Spring Cleaning for Your Hardwood Floors

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

With spring in full force, it’s time for spring cleaning! A huge part of extending the life of your hardwood floors is regular maintenance, and now is the perfect time to put in extra love for your floors. Since hardwood flooring is a durable flooring option, it is easy to take care of. Here’s an easy to follow schedule to ensure your hardwood floors are always in the best possible condition.

General Habits to Start Following

  • Protect your floors in the kitchen with rugs. Place them on areas most likely to have spills, like under the sink, refrigerator, and stove.
  • Use mats outside all exterior doors, such as your front door and back door. This prevents dirt from coming into your home.
  • Place fabric glides under furniture to prevent scrapes and dents.

Daily Habits

  • Aim to sweep daily, but do not use a broom with sharp bristles.
  • Clean up spills immediately to ensure your floors do not get damaged.
  • Try to avoid wearing shoes in the house. Shoes with heavy soles like high-heels can cause dents in the floor over time.

Weekly Habits

  • Dust mop and vacuum the floors.  For dusting, we always recommend only using products that are safe for hardwood floors, like Bona hardwood floor cleaner.

Monthly Habits

  • Wash any rugs that are on your hardwood floors.
  • Clean doormats outside so there’s no lingering dirt being carried into your home on someone’s shoes.

Annual Habits

If your floors are waxed, rewax them. This can greatly extend the life of your hardwood floors.

  • Hardwood floors changes color when it is exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. To avoid an uneven appearance, move your rugs and mats around.
  • And if the UV damage has already affected your floors, they can always be refinished to look new again!

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Prefinished Wood Flooring vs. Unfinished Wood Flooring

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

It’s the age-old debate…well at least decades old: prefinished hardwood floors versus unfinished hardwoods floors. Which is better and why? The fact is that everyone has their own preferences. Some prefer the ease of installation associated with prefinished wood floors while others like unfinished wood floors because of their seamless look and feel. So which do you prefer?

There is no right answer. Each type of finish has its advantages and disadvantages. So let’s examine each finish on its own.

Unfinished Hardwood Floor


•      Unfinished hardwood floors allow you to create your own unique finish that suits you.

•      Applying unfinished hardwood floors and finishing them after installation maintain the natural characteristics of the wood.

•      These floors are more even and uniform than prefinished flooring.


•      The sanding and finishing required for unfinished flooring is extremely time consuming.

•      The above process can also be very messy.

•      There is also the issue of harmful fumes that comes with staining and sealing.

Prefinished Hardwood Floor


•      Ease of installation.

•      No need for dusty sanding procedures.

•      Very durable wear layer, and the finish itself is under warranty by the manufacturer.


•      Prefinished floors can sometimes be difficult to clean. Dust and debris gets trapped in the cracks and crevices in between boards.

•      Prefinished floors do not have a flat, uniform look like unfinished floors.

•      A pre-inished floor will maintain height irregularities of the substrate. In short, a bump in the sub floor means a bump in the pre-finished floor unless the sub floor is fixed first.

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Prefinished Wood Floors vs. Unfinished