The Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood floors add a certain aesthetic appeal to your home that other flooring options simply cannot compete with. But sometimes hardwood flooring can be a little too pricey for the cost-conscious homeowner. If only there was a cheaper and equally appealing alternative…

Wait, there is!

An engineered hardwood floor is the perfect cost-effective and durable alternative to natural hardwood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is a combination of real finished wood on top of non-finished plywood. The additional layer of plywood (laid in a cross-way pattern) provides additional support and durability.

Choices include:

•      Hickory

•      Oak

•      Bamboo

•      Maple

•      And much, much more!

With so many choices available, it is easy to find an engineered hardwood floor to match your existing décor.

Other Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring:

•      Pre-Finished: It has already been sanded and sealed, reducing installation time and cost (not to mention mess).

•      Easily Sanded: Unlike laminate flooring, engineered hardwood can be sanded to repair scratches or stains.

•      Withstands Moistures: Unlike traditional hardwood, engineered hardwood can be installed in areas of moderate moisture.

•      Easy Installation: Engineered hardwood can be nailed down, glued down, or used as a floating floor.

So if you are considering hardwood flooring for your home, but you do not want to deal with the expensive and often messy installation process, give engineered hardwood a look. You might be surprised at just how much you love it!

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Reasons to Select Engineered Wood Flooring

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