The price of a hardwood floor installation in your home will vary depending on different factors, including the type of wood you would like to install. It is usually less expensive than other flooring options such as tile, but can be more expensive than laminate or carpet. Here are some different elements that can help you choose a hardwood floor that is perfect for your home and budget.

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A huge factor that affects the cost of hardwood floors is the species of wood. Domestic woods (oak, hickory, and maple) are usually less expensive than exotic woods (Tiger wood and Santos mahogany) since they do not require transportation overseas. They are also harvested more sustainably, which leads them to be more abundant.

Engineered vs. Solid

Whether or not to have solid or engineered hardwood floors depends on factors such as subfloors and climate. If these aren’t conditions that will influence your decision, cost can be a major factor. Engineered hardwood will be a little more expensive than solid wood initially. Although, since engineered flooring requires less of the premier wood that solid hardwood does, it can be less costly when it comes to species.

Pre-finished vs. Onsite Finishing

Pre-finished wood, or factory finished, will typically cost slightly less than onsite finishing, and the installation time is reduced significantly because you won’t have to wait for layers to dry. There are those who prefer onsite finishing, mainly because they want to avoid the beveling at the edges of prefinished planks, or because they just don’t want a factory finish.

Wire brushed & Hand-scraped

Although some homeowners want their floors installed and hand-scraped on site, this is a very unnecessary and expensive choice. If you are a homeowner on a budget, but still want the character of a hand-scraped hardwood floor, you can order a pre-finished, distressed hardwood floor. This may be slightly more expensive (depending on the manufacturer) than a regular pre-finished floor, but a whole lot cheaper than on-site scraping.


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