When buying hardwood floors, it’s important to keep in mind that their styles are always changing and evolving. The most important aspect of your floor is the color, since it sets the tone for your home. Colors are not a one size fits all, and what works for another homeowner might not work for you. Signature Hardwood Floors has many colors to choose from, but for right now, we will narrow our talk to light hardwood floors.


Light hardwood floors have many different advantages, one being its ability to clean and care for over darker floors. Because it is a lighter color, it is easier to mask dents or scratches. For light hardwood floors, natural expansion may be more prominent than in darker hardwood floors, because it shows gaps more. But with the right environmental controls in your home (keep home between 60ºF to 80ºF, humidity levels between 30%-50%), natural expansion can be minimized.

Light hardwood floors have the ability to brighten up a space and make rooms appear larger. They give your home a bright, natural feel. If you are a fan of contrast and want your room to appear larger, contrast light hardwood floors with dark furniture.

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