2 FAQs About Hardwood Floor Care

Mar 06, 2023
Three Important Questions About Hardwood Floor Care

How often is refinishing required as part of hardwood floor care?

Refinishing is an important part of ongoing hardwood floor care, and knowing how often to do it is a significant factor in maintaining it. There are several important variables involved—the size of your family, your lifestyle and ongoing wear and tear, and so on.

As a general rule, though, hardwood floors need to be refinished every 7-10 years. Following this timeline ensures that your hardwood floors will have a long life, and it will also keep them looking their best for as long as possible.

Hardwood Floor Care and the Signs That You Need Refinishing

While time will slightly diminish the pristine look of your hardwood floors, there are several signs that specifically indicate the need for refinishing.

These include stains that can’t be removed, water damage, and any major dents, scratches, or chips. Significant fading or discoloration is another sign that it may be time to refinish your hardwood floors as part of your hardwood floor care strategy.

2 What is the best type of hardwood floor for ongoing hardwood floor care?

There are two types of hardwood floors, prefinished hardwood, and site-finished hardwood. Prefinished hardwood floors come ready to install, and the pre-finishing process gives them a surface that is both hard and durable. That means these floors will last for years with a minimum amount of maintenance.

Site-finished hardwood floors, meanwhile, allow you to pick the finish when the installation occurs. That means you can choose your own design features, such as sheen and color, as well as the type of wood that best suits your home and lifestyle. 

Turn to Signature for Your Hardwood Floor Care

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