5 Things to Do After Installing New Hardwood Flooring

Apr 17, 2023
5 Things to Do After Installing New Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve just installed new hardwood flooring, you probably think the job is done. You want to sit back and enjoy the comfort and the new look that comes with new hardwood flooring.

Not so fast. The job may be done, but your work isn’t done just yet. There are five simple things you can do to ensure protection and guarantee the appearance after you install new hardwood flooring, and it’s important not to skimp on any of them.

Air It Out After Installing New Hardwood Flooring

Dust and debris are part of the installation process, and no matter how careful the installers are, some of that dust will linger. Make sure you air out your house thoroughly to keep your family and pets healthy.

Be Careful with the Furniture

You may be in the mood for a celebration when you have your new hardwood flooring installed, but you still need to be careful with the furniture when you put it back in place. That’s the second step after you’ve installed your new hardwood flooring.

There’s nothing worse than accidental scratches that could have been avoided with a little extra care, so taking the time to make sure the furniture is put back the right way is an important step to assure the quality of your new hardwood flooring. Always use felt pads underneath chairs, sofas, and table legs to avoid future scratches when moving furniture around. 

Keep Your New Hardwood Flooring Clean and Well Maintained

Step three is to keep your new hardwood floors clean. You may not need to do this the second after it’s installed, but the sooner you start cleaning up little spills and scuff marks, the longer you’ll preserve the look and the value of your new hardwood flooring.

When you do, it’s important to use the right cleaning products. Different types of hardwood floors need specific cleaning products, so make sure you buy the right products and learn to use them properly.

The same thing goes for preventive maintenance, which is step four. Once again, there are different maintenance procedures for your choice of new hardwood flooring.  

If you’ve got heavy furniture, you may want to put in area rugs to protect your new hardwood flooring, and you may need to sweep and mop on a weekly basis. You can also prevent UV damage by putting filters on your windows to minimize any long-term effects.

The last step is to consider other related projects. New hardwood flooring is an investment, after all, and this is the right time to add decor to the rooms where you’ve had it installed. It might be the best way of all to celebrate the installation and get a special new look in the process.

Use Signature Hardwood Floors for Your New Hardwood Flooring

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