7 Things to Know Before Restoring Your Hardwood Floors

Mar 20, 2023
7 Things to Know Before Restoring Your Hardwood Floors

For most homeowners, having their hardwood floors refinished is an exciting job. Restoring hardwood floors gives you the chance to get back the pristine luster you had when you first installed them, and if you do some planning you can save money and get it done quickly with a minimal level of intrusion. 


Here’s what you need to know:  

1. Get a Firm Estimate Before You Consider Restoring Your Hardwood Floors

Before you start, make sure you call at least 2 or 3 companies and get a firm estimate. That estimate should also include how long it’s going to take and make sure you choose a company with plenty of experience restoring hardwood floors that has lots of great reviews.

2. Tighten up Your Cleaning Routine

If you don’t already have a regular cleaning routine, you need to look into cleaning before restoring hardwood floors. If you do, pay extra attention to any cleaning details you may have missed. This will help the restoration process go a lot faster.

3. Evaluate Damage and Gaps in Your Hardwood Floors

You can save some money by dealing with any gaps or damage before you start restoring hardwood floors. Some gaps or minor damage may be DIY repairs, but if either of these is extensive you need a professional to handle them.

4. Consider Refinishing Before Replacing Your Hardwood Floors

If you’ve got an older floor that’s in rough shape, you may want to invest some time and money in sanding and refinishing. Some older damaged floors can be tough to restore to their original condition, but a good refinishing job can help with this, especially if it’s done by a professional.

5. Stains and Finishes For Restoring Hardwood Floors

The finish you choose will go a long way toward determining the quality of your refinishing job. Here are the major options:

  • Polyurethane. Polyurethane comes in either an oil or a water base. Water will dry faster, it’s less toxic, and a quality water base will last just as long as oil base. 
  • Sealer. There are several types of sealers available for restoring hardwood floors—clear, amber or white. Sealers provide great protection and better bonding when refinishing hardwood floors.

6. Prepare Properly for the Refinishing Job

If you’ve followed this guide you’ve already done a lot, but there’s more you can do to make the job of restoring hardwood floors smoother and easier. Specifically, remove all furniture from the room, along with carpets and anything else that might get in the way. Also, make sure to ventilate the room properly, especially if you’ve chosen oil-based polyurethane for refinishing your hardwood floors.

7. Use Signature Hardwood Floors for Restoring Hardwood Floors to Get a Great Result

Restoring hardwood floors is a job that requires multiple steps, and at Signature Hardwood Floors we can help you with all of them. That includes estimates, timelines, choosing finishes, etc., so you should call us at (410) 415-0755. You can also use this link to learn more or schedule a free in-home consultation.