All About Wood Floor Textures

Dec 02, 2020

What’s the difference between the different wood floor textures? Read on to find out and choose the best one for your home!


This texture is simple and elegant, and has been one of the most popular styles of wood flooring for years. Most hardwood flooring has a smooth texture, and it really captures the natural grain and beauty without anything added. This type of flooring pairs well with modern decor.



Hand-scraped flooring has a distressed and older style look. It shows natural wear, but still has the modern finish to protect the floor. Hand-scraped style elements include sanding, denting or scooping the wood to create small splints or holes. This flooring is effective at hiding minor blemishes that may occur.


Wire-brushing is a finishing technique where the planks are scraped with a wire brush, creating a distressed look. This light distressing can enhance the wood grain, creating more texture. Wire-brushed flooring has a rustic, texture look – similar to barn wood.

Live Sawn

Live sawn is a technique of slicing wood logs through without turning the log. This gives a very distinctive grain that uses all parts of the log. This type of flooring favors a rustic aesthetic, and is extremely versatile since it is available in different textures, styles and colors.

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