The Benefits of Installing a Hardwood Staircase

May 08, 2023
The Benefits of Installing a Hardwood Staircas

If you have hardwood floors and you love the way they light up your home, there’s a good chance you’re always on the lookout for ways to show them off. There are plenty of options out there, and one of the best is to add a hardwood staircase.

Why? There are plenty of benefits that come with this complementary option, but it’s important to know what they are, which ones are the most important and how to get them.

With those goals in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits of installing a hardwood staircase to go with your hardwood floors.

Add Great Aesthetics with a Hardwood Staircase

Aesthetically, adding a hardwood staircase to your existing hardwood floors is a high-quality move. It showcases your hardwood floors by giving guests and visitors another hardwood touch to look at, which creates a serious “wow” factor.

The combination also opens up all kinds of other design possibilities. Depending on where your hardwood staircase is placed, you can use rugs, runners, artwork, wallpaper and other flourishes to make your home design even more unique.

And then there’s the appeal of the wood itself. When you add a hardwood staircase, you can match the grain of the hardwood staircase with that of your existing floors, or you can use a different grain pattern to create contrast and add dimension.

Simple Maintenance: The Key to Longevity  

Most people don’t like to talk about staircase maintenance, but homeowners with a hardwood staircase are the exception to that rule.  Maintenance for a hardwood staircase is as simple as regular sweeping, along with a light dust mopping every now and then.

And spills are simple to handle, too. Just wipe them down with a soft cloth, and presto, you’ve avoided  the nightmare of getting stains out of staircase rugs. Carpeted staircases also trap dust, which means allergens, dust mites and regular vacuuming to get rid of them, which makes a hardwood staircase an even better alternative.

Add Years of Life to Your Hardwood Staircase with Refinishing

Another great benefit of adding a hardwood staircase is that they’re easy to refinish, just like hardwood floors. This is especially important due to the amount of wear and tear that staircases experience in general, but refinishing can eliminate that as a potential downside.

The process is simple. Those dents and scratches in your hardwood staircase may look formidable and permanent, but a fresh buff and coat will make them history.

Maybe the best part of refinishing is that you can use it to give your hardwood staircase a totally new look. Pick a different color, add balusters or handrails, and some guests may even think you’ve done a complete renovation!

Get a High-Quality Hardwood Staircase from Signature Hardwood Floors

Installing a high-quality hardwood staircase isn’t a simple process, but at Signature Hardwood Floors, we’ve been installing hardwood staircases for years. We can help you select the right look, then make the installation simple and hassle free, all while keeping your budget intact. To start the process, call us at (410) 415-0755, or you can use this link to learn more or schedule a free in-home consultation.