Best Woods for Outdoor Living Spaces

May 20, 2020

Summer is fast approaching, and it’s time to start brainstorming summer renovations for your patio and outdoor living spaces! Having hardwood floors installed outdoors can get a little complicated, especially with unpredictable weather conditions. But tile and stone can be super pricey, and cement can be really hard to repair if damaged or cracked, making wood flooring ideal. Here are the best wood species for outdoor living spaces:


This wood floor species is the best choice for outdoor living spaces. It is resistant to warping and shrinking, making it perfect for any unpredictable weather conditions. An outdoor deck or patio with redwood will resist rot, but prolonged moisture can cause the wood to blacken. To maintain the beautiful hue, a clear sealer can be used. 


Mahogany is a tight-grained tropical hardwood that resists rot and pests. This is a very strong wood, and can be a great option for porches on houses that are located in humid or rainy areas. 


Tigerwood’s coloring and grain can be different from board to board, which provides a visually rich and interesting look when used for decking.This species also accepts stain well, and is resistant to termites and other insects.


Cedar is another species that is resistant to insects and decay, making it ideal for outdoor living spaces. Cedar is also a good choice if you would like your floors to match your house or other furnishings, since it paints and stains well.

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