Bringing the Beauty of Fall Into Your Home

Sep 24, 2020

With summer finally over, the beauty of fall comes to light. The weather cools down and colors change from bright greens to orange and yellows. If you love the colors of fall, consider embracing them in your home! Read on to learn ways to embrace the season’s beauty in your home.

Hang a wreath

Start the fall vibe off as soon as you get to the door. By hanging a wreath or a themed welcome mat outside the front door, you give any visitor to your home an instant feeling of fall.

Seasonal candles and scents

Embrace a whole sensory experience in your home with seasonal inspired candles. Fall smells such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon or apple cider are great additions to your fall-themed home. Having seasonal scents in your home can have a big impact on your fall aesthetic.

Create a rustic fall style

Now, onto interior design. Fall can bring to mind images of leaves and haystacks, nature and the woods. By going for a rustic style in your home, you will be embracing the natural and warm feeling of fall. Some materials that incorporate this rustic look include weathered woods, distressed metals, and hand-stitched fabrics. By adding in earthy materials such as a stone fireplace or rustic-style hardwood floors, you’re spreading the season across your whole home.

The key to rustic interior design is finding a hardwood floor with deep tones that match the rustic colors denim blue, faded khaki, oxford red, and golden yellow. Many flooring options have subtle hues that are highlighted when they are paired with complimentary surroundings.

Hues of hardwood floors

Hardwood floors come in a wide variety of colors, and deep colors like golden to dark brown stains can really embrace the season. Once you find the perfect stain color for your hardwood floors, you can compliment it with other colors such as yellow or red fruits, orange pendant lights, or light bulbs with a yellow hue. If you choose to get darker hardwood floors, a lighter color printed throw rug or runner on top would also be an ideal element to add to your home. Building around the rug and hardwood floor combination, getting a vase full of decorative sticks or pine cones could also embrace the beauty of the season. Other additions such as bright colored picture frames could contrast hardwood floors really well.

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