You Found Hardwood Floors Under Your Carpet – Now What?

Jul 07, 2022

You Found Hardwood Floors Under Your Carpet - Now What?If you’ve long had carpeted floors in your home, perhaps you’ve never given much thought to what lies under them. However, if you’ve found that you have hardwood floors under your carpet, you may wonder if it’s salvageable. After all, that wood has been sitting under a layer of carpet for all this time—so is it worth having it restored, or should you simply invest in a new floor completely? Well, you’ll be interested to know that with the right company doing the work, those old hardwood floors can soon look beautiful and new. Signature Hardwood Floors knows that all too well, and we’d love for you to see it firsthand.

How Can Hardwood Floors That Spent Years Under Carpet Be Saved?

Once you have your carpet pulled up, you might look at your hardwood floor and think to yourself: “This floor is beyond help.” However, with the right services and a team of expert refinishers in charge of the project, you can watch your floor’s appearance turn into a key aspect of your home’s interior. At Signature Hardwood Floors, we offer a variety of services. Depending on the state of your hardwood floors, we can offer refinishing or buffing and coating, plus we can provide whatever repairs are necessary.

Our repair and restoration process begins with a complimentary consultation, which will allow us to get a true assessment of the state your floor is in. Once we have an idea of how we can restore it to its former glory, we’ll work with you to create a seamless, finished appearance that properly suits your home’s interior. We’ve completed a variety of projects over the years, so we’ve seen it all. And if one thing is for sure, it’s that you’ll be showing off the before-and-after pictures to friends, family, and neighbors for a long time to come.

Transforming Your Home’s Old Hardwood Floor

If you have a hardwood floor under an old carpet that needs our attention, reach out to Signature Hardwood Floors today. We would be happy to provide you with the floor transformation you’ve long been wanting.