Hardwood Flooring That Will Last

Oct 22, 2020

When it comes to hardwood floors, each person has their own preference for what will look best in their home. The decision can come down to factors such as price, design, color or practicality. There are so many choices out there when figuring out hardwood flooring that will last and be perfect for your home, so here are a few things for you to consider:

Stain Color

The color of your hardwood floors can play a huge role in the selection process of hardwood flooring that will last. Darker floors are beautiful, but can show scratches a lot easier than lighter colored hardwood floors. Darker hardwood floors would be more practical for an area in your home that doesn’t have much traffic. Lighter hardwood floors will be able to hide scratches and dust better, so this would be a good option for a part of your home that has more foot traffic.

Finish Type

The longevity of your hardwood floors can be greatly affected by the type of finish you choose. There are three finish options to choose from: matte, satin and glossy. In the past, the longest lasting finish for your floors would have been glossy, however, times have changed and so have the quality of products (thank goodness!).  Today, a matte or satin finish is by far more popular and can be just as durable as the old fashioned glossy finish from years ago.  

You can also classify hardwood floor finishes by its base: water-based or oil-based. Oil-based adds a shine to the wood and will also patina over time, so it makes for a nice choice in older, historical homes. Because of this, oil-based finishes can be the better choice for the longevity of your floors, but it’s a trade off sometimes with the stronger odor and longer dry times.  A good water based finished is equally enduring, and is better for those with pets in the home, allergies, or sensitivity to odors.

Janka Hardness

The Janka Hardness Scale measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear; the denser the wood is, the more durable it is. Denser woods are less prone to dents or scratches, which makes it ideal for a home that has high-traffic areas.  Red oak, hickory or maple floors are always superior in a home with lots of traffic.By bringing all these factors together, you’re sure to find a hardwood floor option that is perfect for your home. Our team at Signature Hardwood Floors is here to ensure you make the best choice. Contact our hardwood flooring experts for any questions, and a FREE ESTIMATE. You can call us at 410.415.0755or click here today! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!