How Do Hardwood Floors Change Over Time?

Aug 09, 2022

Wood flooring is a gorgeous way to elevate any home. Even after the wood is harvested from trees, it is still a breathable material that still is affected by the environment it is in. One of the ways is by changing color over time due to sunlight exposure. Today, we are answering the question, how do hardwood floors change over time?


When maple is fresh, it is a lighter color that over time turns into a deep honey.

White Oak

This golden flooring type barely changes color. If anything, it just gets richer.


Walnut is a dark brown that will either get lighter over time, or a honey-like color begins to come through the grain.


Ash changes from a lighter color to a tan color.


Cherry, like maple, gets darker over time.

How To Prevent From Changing Color

There is very little you can do to prevent the change in color, but there are ways to at least make sure the color changes evenly.

  • Install blinds and curtains
  • Regularly rearrange furniture
  • Regularly rearrange rugs

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