How to Find the Perfect Stain Color for Your Hardwood Flooring

Jul 10, 2023
How to Find the Perfect Stain Color for Your Hardwood Flooring

One of the reasons why hardwood flooring continues to be popular is how well it can match with any interior stylistic preference. Whether you’re going for a classic aesthetic or something more modern, hardwood can have a place if you want it. That’s because, in addition to the various types and species of hardwood out there, you also have a lot of choice in color hues because of staining.

Finding the perfect stain color for your hardwood flooring can be tricky though. You may want your flooring to blend in naturally with the rest of the room – or you may want it to be the centerpiece of your stylistic intentions. No matter what your choice might be, there are some key points to consider when deciding on a stain color for your flooring.

Consider the Basics

The first point is to have a look at your stain color options. There are certain colors in any given staining line that the manufacturer, or your hardwood flooring partner, would consider basic colors. This means that they have a rather neutral tone that is appealing in a wide variety of stylistic applications. Most of the time these colors will tend to be in the middle of the spectrum between light and dark – and to most they’ll also look pretty natural. These colors are great starting points, and from here you can begin to explore bolder stain color options.

Follow Current Trends

If your goal is to capture a modern style, following current interior design trends will lead you to the perfect stain color for your flooring. While trends do come and go over time, hardwood tends to look timeless no matter what color you end up staining it, so you shouldn’t be afraid to follow your heart if a modern style appeals to you. Currently, and funny enough, “natural” hardwood floors are the popular choice!

Capture Classic Beauty

Of course, you don’t have to go along with current trends if you don’t want to either. Many homes feature a lighter stain on the floors for a much cleaner, understated aesthetic. Lighter stains also compliment darker furniture or a deeper paint color on the walls. You may wish to draw less attention to the flooring than, say, a painting on your wall, or something else in the room. In this instance, having your flooring blend in with the surroundings could be the way to go. And the perfect stain color for this case may be something lighter, or something more basic. Regardless, you’ll still capture much of the classic, sublime beauty that perfectly hued wooden floors bring to a living space. In contrast, a darker floor can bring feelings of intimacy and warmth to a room. There’s a richness to a dark floor paired with cozy furnishings in beautiful, vibrant hues; a place to escape to from the rest of the world. The unlimited choices are yours.

Signature Hardwood Floors Can Help You Find the Perfect Stain Color for Your Flooring

A beautiful living space begins with selecting the right color palettes. If you combine your vision of what your space should be with the ideas of great color coordination, the result will be one to be proud of. Signature Hardwood Floors knows just how much of an impact the best hardwood flooring stain color can have on your room. We’ve helped many customers find the best color to suit their flooring and style and we can help you find yours as well.  

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