How to Protect Your Wood Floors From Fading

Aug 13, 2017

Wood floors that are exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time can fade over the years. The intense ultraviolet (UV) light bleaches the wood while the infrared (IR) rays heat it, which combine to accelerate fading. So how can you prevent this from happening to your wood floors? Learn how in this week’s blog on protecting your wood floors from fading.

Choosing a finish.

Certain finishes have UV-ray inhibitors in them that can deflect some, but not all, of the sun’s UV rays. Think of them like sunscreen for your wood floors. They can help slow the process of fading, but they won’t stop it in the long run. Still, some UV protection is better than none.

Window options.

If you can make a big investment in your windows, installing new windows with low-e glass will also help slow the process of fading. Low-e glass is a type of glass designed to prevent UV and IR rays from entering your home.

If you’re not looking to install new windows, you can also consider window films. Window films have some, but not all, of the UV and IR protection that low-e glass has. But, they’re much more affordable, and much easier to install.

In either case, combine low-e glass or window films with a UV inhibiting finish on your wood floor and you’ve got double the protection.

Interior options.

Another way to protect your wood floors from fading via the sun’s rays is by using simple and affordable solutions like blinds or drapes to block rays the old fashioned way. Area rugs can also be used to cover up areas where direct sunlight falls on a wood floor. And of course, you’ll want to keep moisture off of your wood floor, as this is another contributor to wood floor fading.

Overall, while wood floor fading can’t be prevented entirely, you can protect your wood floors and slow down the process significantly by employing the methods listed above.

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