Ideal Indoor Humidity Levels for Hardwood Flooring

May 11, 2021

Since hardwood floors are a natural product, temperatures and humidity levels in your home influence them. When the humidity level is high, like right now during the springtime, wood floors can expand. On the other hand, when humidity levels fall, the wood floors will contract. This cycle can cause damage and wear to your wood floors over time. Here are some ideas you should consider to ensure you have the ideal indoor humidity levels.

Install Humidity Controls Beforehand 

Before you even install hardwood floors in your home, you should have a humidity control system installed in your home. This is the true way to track the fluctuating humidity levels. Aim for an ideal humidity level between 40 and 60 percent, or else hardwood floors can be manipulated.

Controlling Humidity During the Warmer Seasons

During the spring and summer, humidity levels can rise a significant amount in your home. This causes expansion of wood, which can result in planking. Once this happens, the floor can lose its durability and become damaged. If your home does not have a humidity control system, opt for a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels in your home.

Controlling Humidity Levels During the Winter

In the winter, humidity levels drop. When this happens, the wood contracts, and can result in gaps between planks on hardwood floors. If you do not have a humidity control system, a humidifier works fine, as well to maintain ideal indoor humidity.


Cupping is a major problem homeowners may deal with when there are humidity problems in a home. This happens when hardwood bows up slightly. Cupping can correct itself if the humidity issue is fixed. If the cupping problem is more than slight, there may need more work done to restore your floors, such as refinishing or sanding.

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