Spring Home Improvement Tips You Can Incorporate Now

Mar 25, 2021

Trying to figure out how to give your home that warm, spring feeling? There are many hardwood floor trends and ideas this season that bring a new, refreshing feel to any home! Spring is a great time to change up your home’s appearance and get remodeling projects done. Refinishing and staining your floor can easily provide a new ambience to your home. Learn more about how hardwood floors can help your spring home improvement goals in this week’s blog!

Bring in some art

A beautiful piece of artwork can completely change a room! You can find an art piece anywhere, whether it be from a thrift store, online, or somewhere you traveled. It can be a bright, colorful painting to bring the liveliness of spring to a room, a photograph that holds sentimental value, or a sculpture piece that stands out anywhere. 

Bring the outdoors, indoors

Having plants throughout your home can be a great way to decorate your home, as well. You can customize based on the type of plants you want, whether it be big, long, short, colorful, whatever works for you. Another way to bring the outdoors indoors is by having hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring will never go out of style, and can also be customized based on your personality and needs. With so many different wood styles and stains to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect hardwood floors for your home. 

Update your hardwood floors

1. Gray Floors

Wood floors don’t always have to be a brown color; gray is the new hot color for this season. Gray is a dynamic color, featuring hues from silver to charcoal. It can turn any home into a warm, inviting destination.

2. Pale Colored Floors 

Pale colored floors offer a great contrast to any dark furniture you may have in your interior spaces. They bring your space a light palette that will go with almost anything! Popular light colored floors include Oak and Maple, but there are others to choose from such as Ash or Hickory.  A natural finish, without stain, is extremely popular right now and seems to be a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

3. Dark Stained Floors

Dark wood flooring looks great with different colors and fabrics you may have in your home. Examples of dark wood flooring that are popular for springtime are Cherry and Walnut; but you could also use light floors such as oak and add a dark stain. This offers a variety of different woods species you can choose from.

4. Refinishing Your Floors

If you’re interested in returning your floors to the brilliance they once were, without replacing them, you can refinish your hardwood flooring for an amazing look. Refinishing your floors will not only lessen the chance of them having to be replaced in the future, but also gives it a nice, refreshing look. This is the easiest way to embrace that spring home improvement urge you’ve been experiencing.

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