Summer Heat and Your Hardwood Floors

Jun 06, 2019

Summer is right around the corner, and while you might be excited for the warm weather and longer days, it’s important to remember your hardwood floors need upkeep and protection.

Exposure to sun can cause wood floors to have discoloration, and the heat/humidity can also damage them. But no need to worry, there are easy ways to prevent this. Read on for quick and easy tips to protect your hardwood floors against damage from the sun and heat!

Put on the air conditioning

Putting on the AC can have a big impact on your wood floors. This will not only ensure your house does not overheat, but it will also get rid of the moisture in the air. You may be thinking, “but it’s pricey to run the A/C!” And easy way to combat this is to instead think about how much it will cost if your wood floors need replacing. Bump that AC up!

Move furniture around

Since the sun can’t reach your floor is there is furniture on top of it, a great tactic is to move furniture around now and then so the floor is consistent. That way, if your floors do end up having a bit of discoloration from the sun, you won’t have stains that are shaped like your furniture.

Stop cleaning them so much

Yes, you should always clean your hardwood floors, but you don’t have to do certain steps. This includes polishing or waxing your floors; it will just draw sunlight to them.

Close your windows

Try to give your floors as much shade as possible, but don’t beat yourself up if you’re not constantly on top of it. Use window treatments if possible, to avoid direct sun exposure, or you can protect your home from heat and sunlight with a window tinter like 3M.  These tips will ultimately help reduce the discoloration on your floors so you won’t have to worry about it.

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