Planning a Super Bowl Party in 2021

Feb 02, 2021

It’s no secret that this year, our usual Super Bowl parties will look a lot different than previous years. While we may not be having the entire family and crew over for a fun party, a small, intimate gathering can still be in the works! Today, we’re sharing some tips on how to host the best Super Bowl party in 2021.

Prepare Your High Traffic Areas

If you’re planning to have guests inside your home, prepare all high traffic areas in your home. This will include your entryway, kitchen, and whatever room your television is in. If you have hardwood floors, you need to make sure no one is bringing any outside elements into your home. Have a mat right at the entrance of your home so no dirt or debris goes onto your wood floors. Anyone who enters your home can take off their shoes to ensure no scrapes or dents are formed on your floors.

For furniture that will be moved to accommodate extra space for guests, get someone to help you pick it up. It’s best not to push or pull furniture across your floors since it can cause scrapes on your hardwood floors.

Make Sure You Have a Variety of Food Options

Even though much of the action will be happening in your living room, your guests will be in the kitchen to serve themselves food. Clear your counters of any other objects that do not need to be there so there is enough room for the food, utensils and napkins. Ask in advance if any of your guests have dietary restrictions or allergies so you can accommodate them as well. 

Finger foods, chips and guacamole can go a long way. You can also suggest making the party potluck style so everyone comes with a food item to share. Make sure there are a variety of beverage options as well, ranging from sodas, juices, water and adult beverages (cocktails or beers) of course!

Keep Guests as Organized as Possible

It can take some stress off of you as the host by having your guests be as organized as possible. This helps combat any unexpected problems that may occur before, during or after the party. Assign each guest a coaster or has their initials written on their plastic cup. This way, no one is fighting over whose glass belongs to who (especially in these times). Also, once people enter your home, have an area where they put their car keys so it doesn’t get lost. Lastly, make sure guests are hanging up their coats, scarves and gloves upon entering your home. The last thing you need is to spend an hour looking for a missing glove!

This year make sure you don’t stress, and with our handy tips we are sure you’ll feel well prepared! Contact Signature Hardwood Floors today for more information about caring for your hardwood floors during your Super Bowl party in 2021. Call 410.415.0755 for our office or click here to go to our website. You can also follow our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to stay updated with more information about all of your hardwood flooring needs.