What to Expect When Your Prefinished Hardwood Floors are Installed

May 15, 2023
What to Expect When Your Prefinished Hardwood Floors are Installed

If you’re having prefinished hardwood floors installed in your home, you’re probably excited about getting a great product, especially if Signature Hardwood Floors is doing the installation.

You might be a little fuzzy about the details of the installation process, though, so let’s do a quick rundown about what you can expect.

The Prep Work

Some of the prep work for installing prefinished hardwood floors is obvious. Both furniture and carpeting need to be removed, along with drapes, artwork and anything else that’s hanging from your walls.

There’s more to the prep work process than that, though. The installers will need to do a last-minute check on your flooring and sub flooring to see if any essential repairs or leveling have been missed.

They’ll also also need some time to allow the new prefinished hardwood floors to acclimate to the temperature and humidity conditions of the room in which they’re being installed.

Layout Check and Installation

As they lay out the flooring, the installer will do another check to make sure they’ve got the orientation of the flooring right. You’ll already know the pattern and look they’re after, but it’s important to verify this in real time during the actual installation of prefinished hardwood floors.

Expect the installation to be both busy and somewhat noisy. It involves stapling, nailing and gluing down the flooring, and the planks have to be installed precisely to get the fit exactly right.

There’s no need to apply a finish, of course, which helps make installing prefinished hardwood floors a one-day procedure. There may be some staining involved depending on what kind of final product you’ve ordered, but you’ll still be able to walk on your prefinished hardwood floors within hours after the installation is done.

The Aftermath and the Result

When the installers are done, they’ll go over the finished results to see if any touch-up work is necessary. That means making sure the planks are properly aligned, and ensuring that the surface is as smooth as possible.

After that, the cleanup happens. This includes removing debris, sweeping and vacuuming, and reviewing the instructions about when your furniture can be returned to the room. You’ll also get instructions on when you can use the room, along with one last inspection.  

The best part of all this is the aftermath and the results. You’ll be getting durability, a great appearance, and a product that will enhance both your pride in your home and your lifestyle as a whole.  

Use Signature Hardwood Floors to Get a Great Installation for Your Prefinished Hardwood Floors

If you want the installation for your prefinished hardwood floors to be seamless, you need to have it done by Signature Hardwood Floors. We’ve done hundreds of successful installations of prefinished hardwood floors, and we know the products inside out.  To learn more about prefinished hardwood floors, call us at (410) 415-0755, or you can use this link to get more info or schedule a free in-home consultation.