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Residential & Commercial Projects

Signature Hardwood Floors has design options for any project, both residential and commercial. Our specialized services include:


  • New installation of hardwood floors
  • New installation of laminate floors
  • Repair of hardwood floors
  • Borders
  • Medallions
  • Sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors
  • Buffing and coating of hardwood floors
  • Oil and water base polyurethane application
  • Stain application


  • After hours work to limit downtime
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Annual maintenance contracts for sports courts
  • Gym floor installation and refinishing
  • Historic restoration

Please take some time to browse through our website and learn more about all of the different wood flooring products and services that Signature Hardwood Floors offers. If you have any questions or feel that you would like some expert advice before making your decision, we would certainly be happy to speak with you and help you figure out which of our affordable hardwood flooring selections is best suited for you and your specific needs.

We look forward to serving your flooring needs in the near future.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

There are several reasons to choose hardwood floors over other flooring options. Hardwood flooring offers a number of benefits that alternative flooring does not. Here are a few reasons why a Signature hardwood floor is the best choice for your home or business:

• Hardwood floors offer a variety of options.
Wood is a natural product that comes in a diverse range of colors and grain patterns. There are more styles of wood flooring than ever before to match your desired décor, from traditional oak floors to the more exotic, like santos mahogany or a trend-setting cork floor. In addition, should you decide it's time for a change, you can easily spruce up your wood floor entirely with a variety of stains, faux finishes, and inlays.

• Hardwood floors are easy to maintain.
Wood floors are, hands down, the easiest floors to maintain and require the fewest chemicals to clean. Hardwood floors do not trap dust and mold the same way carpet does. According to the American Lung Association, wood floors can improve air quality and is an ideal choice for people with allergies. Unlike carpet or tile cleaning, a hardwood floor takes little more than a regular sweeping and an occasional use of a professional wood-cleaning product to maintain its natural beauty.

• Hardwood floors are the smarter, greener option.
Wood floors are ecologically friendly! Because it's a natural resource, wood is recyclable, renewable, and obtained from an environmentally friendly industry. Hardwood floors are extremely energy-efficient. The cellular structure of wood traps air, giving it superior insulating properties, which, in conjunction with its natural health benefits, makes hardwood floors the perfect choice for any healthy home.

• Hardwood floors are an affordable investment.
Many years from now, your hardwood floors will continue to maintain their value. When other flooring options ware out, require service, or need replacement, wood floors remain beautiful and timeless. Signature hardwood floors can be recoated or refinished instead of adding to the landfill, and a properly maintained hardwood floor may never need resanding. Our industry helps preserve what's already there. In other words, your hardwood floor virtually pays for itself over time.

Types and Styles

There are several options to consider when installing hardwood floors. The location of the floor, however, will help determine the type of wood flooring you can use. There are two basic types of hardwood floors available, solid and engineered, and three styles of installation, strip, plank, and parquet. Each style is available in a variety of species, colors, and widths, so choosing a style is simply a matter of aesthetics.

• Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood
Solid hardwood flooring is milled from a single piece of wood, usually between 3/4" and 5/16" thick. Solid wood flooring can be sanded and refinished many times. Solid hardwood floors can be installed above or on grade level. Engineered hardwood flooring is produced using three to nine layers of stacked hardwood. The layers are piled in a cross-grain configuration and bonded, rendering the end product extremely durable. Engineered wood flooring will expand and contract less than solid wood flooring during fluctuations in humidity and can thus be installed at any level. Engineered floors can be sanded and refinished a limited number of times compared to solid wood flooring.

• Strip Flooring
Strip flooring is the most popular and traditional style, made up of narrow boards laid end to end. The strips typically range from 1˝" to 3" wide and will create a linear effect in any room.

• Plank Flooring
Plank flooring is similar to strip flooring but uses wider boards, typically spanning from 3" to 7". Plank flooring is also installed in parallel rows, but the wider boards often create a more informal demeanor.

• Parquet Flooring
Parquet flooring varies in size and is arranged in alternating or inlaid patterns to form various designs. Parquet flooring can be positioned in a simple or complex design, generating a mosaic or geometric decorative effect.

Please refer to the "Wood Species Used In Wood Flooring" Technical Publication from the National Wood Flooring Association for more information on the appearance, physical properties, workability, wood species, and relative cost of wood flooring.


Cleaning your hardwood floor is a simple task, generally only requiring a quick sweeping or vacuuming. We do, however, recommend that you periodically clean your hardwood floors with a professional cleaning product. Signature Hardwood Floors will assist you by recommending the appropriate products and cleaning techniques for your particular floor. We've provided a few simple tips to help maintain your floor's pristine luster and condition.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Keep your wood floor dry. Using a wet-mop on a wood floor can dull the finish and damage the wood. Place area rugs in front of sinks, and wipe up spills immediately.
  • Keep it clean. This one seems like a no brainer. Place rugs where necessary to prevent tracking dirt and debris onto your hardwood floor. When the floor does get messy, clean it in a timely fashion.
  • Try not to scratch or scuff your floor. Place plastic or fabric glides on the feet of heavy furniture. Avoid walking on a hardwood floor in sports cleats or high heels, if possible.
  • Be cautious with wood floor care products. Make sure the care products you choose are hardwood friendly, especially if using wax. Certain waxes may damage and dull the wood. If your wood floor is lackluster, Signature Hardwood Floors recommends buffing instead of waxing. If you choose to use wax, try to avoid a wax build up in light-traffic areas.

Renewal & Repairs

Wood is a very forgiving flooring option. Most problems are prevented with easy maintenance, but if problems arise, Signature Hardwood Floors provides restoration services as well, including hardwood floor repairs for historic homes and venues.

Please contact Signature Hardwood Floors with any concerns or questions related to the maintenance of your hardwood floor.

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