Creating a Rustic Design in Your Home

Oct 07, 2020

If you love the simple and natural look of rustic design, hardwood floors are your ideal design option! Since rustic design brings the naturalness of outside to the inside of your home, the perfect hardwood floor selection can bring life to any room.

Main Characteristics

Rustic interior design uses natural materials and colors to create a warm and welcoming environment. It combines warm woods with earthy colors and textures in creative ways. Some materials that incorporate this rustic look include weathered woods, distressed metals, and hand-stitched fabrics.

The key to rustic interior design is finding a hardwood floor with deep tones that match the rustic colors denim blue, faded khaki, oxford red, and golden yellow. There are many flooring options that have subtle hues highlighted when paired with complimentary surroundings.

Hardwood Floor Suggestions

  • To truly accent a rustic interior design with hardwood floors, try hickory, oak, or beech. These woods have a perfect rugged feel and compliment the rustic colors nicely. Choose from either hand scraped or distressed to add texture and bring a unique look to your home.
  • Pine that is stained with a dark finish can give off a rustic feel.
  • Brazilian cherry is another option that is known for having a rich color and grain pattern.

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